Failed Scheduling in kubernetes

[root@localhost ~]# oc get pods NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE docker-registry-1-i37wn 1/1 Running 13 1y nginx-j1u1l 0/1 Pending 0 6m router-1-fn5kw 1/1 Running 12 1y [root@localhost ~]# oc describe pod nginx-j1u1l Name: nginx-j1u1l Namespace: default Security Policy: anyuid Node: / Labels: app=nginx Status: Pending IP: Controllers: ReplicationController/nginx Containers: nginx: Image: nginx Port: 80/TCP Volume Mounts: … Continue reading Failed Scheduling in kubernetes


Creating DashBoard In kibana

Go to DashBoard icon select a create dashboard Select Add Use the visualizations which you created earlier .   You can use save option for future reference.   You can also share the dash board you created. with share option.    

how to create visualization in kibana

Go to visualize  Select create Dash Board EX: select Pie chart as example   select count as an example Select Aggregations with in that select Terms If you any specific requirements please select the order as well. And apply the play option If you want that visualization to be saved for future reference plz select save … Continue reading how to create visualization in kibana

Loading Sample Data in Kibana

Make sure you installed ELK stack and all services are running root@elk-1-vm:~# netstat -tlpn Active Internet connections (only servers) Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name tcp 0 0* LISTEN 991/sshd tcp 0 0* LISTEN 3831/node tcp6 0 0 :::9300 :::* LISTEN 4371/java tcp6 0 0 :::5044 :::* … Continue reading Loading Sample Data in Kibana

Installing prometheus in centos7

[root@ocp ~]# wget Saving to: ‘prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz’ 100%[=====================================================================================================>] 1,71,42,153 298KB/s in 50s 2018-03-31 18:11:20 (333 KB/s) - ‘prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz’ saved [17142153/17142153] [root@ocp ~]# cd /opt/ [root@ocp opt]# tar -zxvf /root/prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/ prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/ prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/aws_elasticache.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/aws_elb.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/aws_redshift-cluster.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/aws_redshift.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/blackbox.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/cassandra.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/cloudwatch.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/haproxy-backend.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/haproxy-backends.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/haproxy-frontend.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/haproxy-frontends.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/haproxy.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/index.html.example prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/node-cpu.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/node-disk.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/node-overview.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/node.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/prometheus-overview.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/prometheus.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/snmp-overview.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/consoles/snmp.html prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/console_libraries/ prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/console_libraries/menu.lib prometheus-1.7.1.linux-amd64/console_libraries/prom.lib … Continue reading Installing prometheus in centos7

Install latest ansible version

[root@ocp ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4 (Maipo) [root@ocp ~]# yum install python-pip [root@ocp ~]# pip2.7 install ansible [root@ocp ~]# ansible --version ansible 2.5.0 config file = None configured module search path = [u'/root/.ansible/plugins/modules', u'/usr/share/ansible/plugins/modules'] ansible python module location = /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ansible executable location = /bin/ansible python version = 2.7.5 (default, May … Continue reading Install latest ansible version

Ansible summary

  # An Ansible summary # Configuration file [intro\_configuration.html]( First one found from of * Contents of `$ANSIBLE_CONFIG` * `./ansible.cfg` * `~/.ansible.cfg` * `/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg` Configuration settings can be overridden by environment variables - see in the source tree for names. # Patterns [intro\_patterns.html]( Used on the `ansible` command line, or in playbooks. * `all` … Continue reading Ansible summary

Jenkins Environment Variables

When a Jenkins job executes, it sets some environment variables that you may use in your shell script, batch command, Ant script or Maven POM. Environment Variable Description BUILD_NUMBER The current build number, such as "153" BUILD_ID The current build id, such as "2005-08-22_23-59-59" (YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss, defunct since version 1.597) BUILD_URL The URL where the results of this build … Continue reading Jenkins Environment Variables


[root@localhost ~]# wget [root@localhost ~]# mkdir /opt/gradle [root@localhost ~]# unzip -d /opt/gradle/ [root@localhost ~]# export PATH=$PATH:/opt/gradle/gradle-4.6/bin/ [root@localhost ~]# printenv |grep gradle PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/root/bin:/opt/gradle/gradle-4.6/bin/ [root@localhost ~]# gradle -v ------------------------------------------------------------ Gradle 4.6 ------------------------------------------------------------ Build time: 2018-02-28 13:36:36 UTC Revision: 8fa6ce7945b640e6168488e4417f9bb96e4ab46c Groovy: 2.4.12 Ant: Apache Ant(TM) version 1.9.9 compiled on February 2 2017 JVM: 1.8.0_161 (Oracle Corporation … Continue reading gradle